Tuesday, 29 April 2014

My Youtube Channel

So a few weeks ago I decided to make a YouTube channel, after I started writing my blog. It is basically my channel where I do some hair and makeup tutorials on it, some fun videos, challenges, daily Vlogs and just where I have a laugh. I am writing this on here just so that some of you who may not know that I make videos, now do and you also know what it is about. At the moment I don't really have that many videos on there but I have only just started about a month ago so there is plenty more to come. I am also going to DigiFest and I will definitely be doing a daily vlog on that. On my channel in most videos I have put my twitter and instagram account on there for you to follow me if you like and make sure that you check out my videos and subscribe. Also you can let me know what type of videos you want me to do in the future by twitter, or commenting on my videos or blog posts.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Shopping spree

To end the Easter I went to london with my friend on Monday, and we went for a wander around Oxford Street and I really wanted to go into Lush as I just love it in there! So we went in the shop and OMG it smelt gorgeous and everything just looked so pretty in there. I decided that I wanted to buy the king of skin crown bar after hearing about it loads by other you Tubers, it is so moisturising and smells amazing. It is officially my all time favourite thing to use for my skin now and I would definitely go and buy it again. However I did by a couple of other bits in there which I'm very excited to try out. I decided to buy the "bunch of carrots" because they have the Easter bits out now and they just looked so cute I couldn't resist, they have a slight sparkle to them and smell great. I also bought the "Golden egg" from the Easter part which I'm quite nervous about using as there is so much glitter on there it's unreal, my hands were covered just by putting it in the basket. However when the lady spoke to me she told me that it was very nourishing and made your skin feel really soft, which made me feel better about buying it. The lady in the shop was also recommending to me some of the bath bombs which was the most relaxing and had the best smell so I ended up buying the "Twilight bath ballistic" which had the best smell out of all the ones I bought. It smelt really sweet and it has Lavender in it which is relaxing, calming and makes you feel so fresh afterwards. 
I will be doing a Haul video soon of all the bits I bought over the whole of the Easter weekend.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Lovely Lips

So usually when I go to buy some new lipsticks or lip glosses I would usually go for the ones with a really nice shine and shimmer. However, I recently purchased a lipstick and a lip lacquer which are both matte which I really like. The first one I bought was a Rimmel London by Kate Moss in shade 110 Red which is a lovely bright red colour, I really like this one as it is really moisturising but has a nice finish to it. The next one I bought was MUA luxe velvet lip lacquer in a pink colour called "funk", This has to be my new favourite as it is really pigmented, lasts for so long and it does not smudge or wear off during the day. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes bright colours and is out for the majority of the day and doesn't want to keep applying it through the day. The pink colour works really well with warm colours like gold and bronze, whereas the red lipstick is quite bright so cooler and darker colours will look better with this particular shade.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Messy twist

So lately I have been trying to find new hairstyles to try on my hair, as it is just below my shoulders. Currently I have just been having it down, with a plait on the side, but this can get a bit boring after a while. This is why I have decided to try new styles having my hair up, which can be a bit tricky with my hair length. However at work I put my hair up in a "messy twist", which looked quite simple and casual and that is just what i wanted. My hair is quite thick so I struggled with keeping it in place as you don't want too many pins in, but you still need it to be secure. I used some waxe to pick out the parts to stick out and used one clip on one twist and one clip on the other. This hair style is quick and simple because it does not need to be perfect, just twist, pin and make it messy! You don't need to have two, you can have one or however many you want and it can be interpreted your own way. This style does not need to look like this you can twist your hair and swirl it or just twist along the bottom of your hair and leave the side down. This will probably be easier with hair my length or just a bit longer as it may be tricky to secure these with longer hair. However it is possible.


Sunday, 6 April 2014

spring time colours

Its spring time and nearly Easter, so I have been buying a few things to add to my makeup bag which I wouldn't usually buy. I went out and bought the high Gelly shine Barry m nail polish in a blue pastel colour which looks nice and light. This is called blueberry, I also purchased a 24 hour colour tattoo in metalic pomegranate. With these colours you can wear them in the spring and also in the summer, as they can be bright or very subtle. I bought these as I like to wear something that is noticeable and lasts a long time. I would recommend these as they are perfect colours for spring.


Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Shiny and textured

Guys, so my Blogs are going to  be about general life, Hair and Beauty. As we all know that finding the right products for your hair can be a nightmare! However it can be so simple as it depends on how your hair is currently. So if like me you have decided to go abit shorter than usual where your hair is just on your shoulders and you want a sort of "big hair look" then I would suggest root powder and back combing. This can be a bloody annoying  to use if you put to much on your hair, but I would suggest bed head sugar dust. this is because it is very light and it can be used to just sprinkle on your hair for a textured look.
Also I think that if your hair is quite long and you want a bit of shine I would definitely recommend a shine spray in a fine mist, as these do not make your hair look greasy, the light just bounces of it to give your hair a natural shine.
I have a video tutorial on me using the sugar dust and shine spray for my "everyday hair" video on my channel...


Go and check it out!!